Real Relativity: critiques of Einstein‘ s theory of relativity 2008

By Farooq Quraishi

Beitrag aus dem GOM-Projekt: 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen
zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4. 

Real Relativity: critiques of Einstein‘ s theory of relativity / Farooq Quraishi.

In: The General science journal. 2008 – 64 S. =

Twentieth century has witnessed great development in the science history. One of the most important aspects of this evolution is Einstein`s theory of Relativity, which scientists regard it more important than the Galilean – Copernicus revolution. At first this theory encountered resistance by nearly all of the scientists but gradually it became accepted and famed as a scientific miracle. The reality is that Theory of Relativity is a combination of ignorance, contradiction and pure imagination which has no correct scientific foundation.

This book is the translation of Real Relativity [In persischer Sprache], which I wrote it in 2001 but published in 2004 by Alazhar publishing company Peshawar and also published by General science journal and other websites like CPH theory. The original book is written in Persian language. This is the concise version of article. I hope I can release the detailed and complete version in next future.
Farooq Quraishi
May- 9- 2008

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