On Certain Conceptual Anomalies in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

On Certain Conceptual Anomalies in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
by Stephen J. CrothersQueensland, Australia
Volume 1 PROGRESS IN PHYSICS January, 2008 


There are a number of conceptual anomalies occurring in the Standard exposition of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. These anomalies relate to issues in both mathematics and in physics and penetrate to the very heart of Einstein’s theory. This paper reveals and amplifies a few such anomalies, including the fact that Einstein’s field equations for the so-called static vacuum configuration, R?? = 0, violates his Principle of Equivalence, and is therefore erroneous. This has a direct bearing on the usual concept of conservation of energy for the gravitational field and the conventional formulation for localisation of energy using Einstein’s pseudo-tensor. Misconceptions as to the relationship between Minkowski spacetime and Special Relativity are also discussed, along with their relationships to the pseudo-Riemannian metric manifold of Einstein’s gravitational field, and their fundamental geometric structures pertaining to spherical symmetry. 

1 Introduction
In a series of papers [1-17] I have previously provided mathematical demonstrations of the invalidity of the concept of the black hole and also of the expansion of the Universe with a Big Bang cosmology. In those papers I took on face value the fundamental line-elements from which these physical concepts have allegedly been derived by the Standard Model relativists, and demonstrated in purely mathematical terms that they are inconsistent with the geometrical structure of those line-elements, and are therefore false. I do not reiterate those demonstrations herein, referring the reader to the relevant papers for the details, and instead consider, in the main, various conceptual matters underlying the structure of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and show that there are some very serious anomalies in the usual exposition, which render much of what has been claimed for General Relativity to be false.


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