Gotthard Barth: Has The World Been Deceived?

Die in diesem Blog am 15. April 2009 gebrachte Arbeit: 
“Wurde die Welt betrogen?” (1987) von Gotthard Barth
ist in den USA bereits im Jahre 1989 in englischer Sprache veröffentlicht worden:
Gotthard Barth: Has The World Been Deceived?

Quelle: „raum&zeit“, Vol. 1, No. 1, April-May 1989, pp. 66 – 70, San Clemente, CA 92672

Nachstehend bringe ich hieraus einen Auszug.


With pride prancing down the street eyes transfixed (according to Aristophanes „The Clouds“) the sophist Socrates explains to the crowd gathered that Zeus is not bringing rain but the clouds. „Have you ever seen it rain without clouds in the sky. Otherwise, it would rain on a clear day when the clouds have taken leave of absence.“ The farmer Strepsiades is more than thankful for this insight. „By Apollo, you have proven your point, even I was under the firm impression that Zeus was relieving himself.“

Science was never at a loss for astounding ideas. So we should not be surprised that such an obtuse theory as Einstein’s made it into the physics textbooks. A shake-out-of-the-box organism stays young. „This is an undeniable consequence of principles laid out before us, forced on us by experience,“ declared Einstein in Zürich in 1912. The year before the Frenchman Langevin had invented the twins of relativity. Since that date, the two, Bloggs and Jones, are arguing who remains young after space travel at the speed of light and who will have died. According to relativity logic, both are at the same age and are long dead.

Another result of Einstein’s theory not found in physics books: Let’s assume an electromagnetic signal is released from a quasar two billion years distant (astronomer’s calculations).

Two billion years later, the signal is received on earth and – in a mathematical theory, everything goes – returned to the original quasar. According to the Lorentz transformation, the release of the signal, reflection by the earth and the final arrival at point of origin 4 billion years later, takes all place at the same time in relation to the signal. The signal is present at the point of origin, on its long journey, the reflec­tion on earth and the same long way back and on return at the quasar. Judged from the earth, the signal is on a round trip of 4 billion years. On travel at the speed of light, time re­mains frozen. The signal is simultaneous on all stations of its journey.

For the naive observer, this visualization is fantastic. The initiated adherent of relativity who comprehends Einstein knows by the way of the Lorentz transformation the path of the signal is zero. The unimaginable distance of two times two billion light years becomes a single point. Therefore, it is no longer absurd that the signal at a given time is in the same space. One only has to understand Einstein.

The quasar radiates not only into one point in space, but in all directions. Therefore, according to Eins­tein, the radiation into the entire universe time is zero and the connected space is zero. Because light, relative to the light signal, in the time zero covers the distance zero and this equation is zero divided by zero equals c is not determinable may be possible by Einstein’s real and ab­solute constant speed of light at 3,000,000 km/sec. This all is figured out exactly mathematically with the magic relative formula, the Lorentz transformation. 

Zero Space, Zero Time 

In this strange world of radiation where everything happens at time zero and space zero – if one may speak of an event – is nothing else more than the story of the twins, even borderline. If Bloggs really travels at light speed, he is thinner than a piece of paper and, at departure, he is already back from the visit to the quasar while his brother is long gone 4 billion years later.

This fantastic „world“ is not the invention of a poet. We are dealing with exact science. From the co-conspirators, I only like to refer to the mathematical physicist H.A. Lorentz (Netherlands) and the French mathematician Henry Poincaré. Even those two had certain doubts. In his famous speech at the World’s Fair in St. Louis 1904, Poincaré said: „We have not arrived yet.“

Those thoughts were not shared by the young trade school teacher A. Einstein. One year later, he wrote for the „Annalen der Physik“ a review on what he had read from Lorentz and Poincaré, but never fully understood. He omitted the „not yet“ of those professors as stated by Laue, Einstein’s greatest prophet, as the special and perhaps only claim to fame in his history of physics (1947/58).

The mathematical foundation or better the mathematical formula of the theory of relativity is the Lorentz transformation. The way these formulae were pieced together is nothing to be proud of for the involv-ed mathematicians. They were never aware of what they were doing. 

Michelson’s Experiment Versus Maxwell’s Theory 

According to the theory of the British mathematical physicist J.C. Maxwell, light is an electromagnetic wave that propagates in a „world ether“ from a source in ball shaped manner into all directions. On earth suspended in this ether light moves slower in the direction of earth movement (c – v), faster in the opposite direction. In addition to the speed of light in the ether (c) adds the speed of earth in the ether (v): c = v. Out of the wave ball in the ether becomes the wave ellipsoid of earth. The polish experimenter Abraham Michelson build an experimental apparatus which measured those differences in speed (c ± v). Michelson had no intention to test Maxwell’s theory. He only was intend to measure the speed of earth (v) in the ether. The results of bis experiments in Potsdam, Germany in 1881 were negative, light on earth propagates in all directions at the same speed. The speed of earth in the ether is v = 0. That meant a catastrophe for Maxwell’s theory.

Logically exist three possibilities: the theory is wrong, the experiment is wrong, or both are wrong. Repeated experiments, first by Michelson and Miller in the United States always returned the same negative result. Out of this theory, the corpuscular theory of light was revived falsely attributed to Newton. However, among the mathematical physicists was never a single doubt about Max-well’s theory. Any theory could be wrong. A mathematical theory has to be correct. What has been calculated has to be correct. For the mathematical physicist exists never a doubt to the integrity of mathematical language.

Six years after the Michelson ex­periment came the first mathematical interpretation of the failed experi­ment. The crystal expert, Woldemar Voigt of Goettingen, Germany, changed the wave ellipsoid of the earth in the ether (according to Max-well’s theory) into a round sphere the way Michelson observed it in his ex­periment. In double refractory crystals, Voigt achieved a Transfor­mation in reverse a world sphere from a wave ellipsoid (in crystal). Voigt even referred to a relative time of locality. Otherwise, the four dimensional calculation by Voigt did not stir any interest.

The way Laue tells us in his autobiography, the first time he heard about relative time was in a lecture by Planck in Berlin in 1905, dealing with Einstein’s work, which may be the first Propaganda lie in behalf of Einstein. Laue, who read everything that came into his hands (told to me by Ernst Gehrcke, the most verbal Einstein critic in the twenties) not only defamed Lorentz, Poincaré and Abraham, but also his highly esteemed teacher W. Voigt, with whom he had studied 4 Semesters before his own promotion and 4 Semesters thereafter. „In Goettingen“, Laue wrote in his autobiography, „under the influence of Woldemar Voigt, my destiny became clear: theoretical physics.“


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