Consequences of hidden aspects of Einstein’s Sep 1905 paper

By Ajay Sharma 2010

Beitrag aus dem GOM-Projekt: 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen
zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4.  

Consequences of hidden aspects of Einstein’s Sep 1905 paper

or Incomplete derivation of [delta]L=[delta]mc² (or speculation of [delta]E=[delta]mc²) , its critical analysis: and applications of generalized form [delta]E = Ac²[delta]m  / Ajay Sharma. In: The General science journal. 2010 – 72 S. =

S. 1: "Abstract." – [Auszug:] "Einstein’s Sep. 1905 paper [1] in which [delta]L = [delta]mc² (light energy – mass equation) is derived, is not completely studied; and is only valid under handpicked or super-special conditions of involved parameters. The origin of [delta]E = [delta]mc² from [delta]L = [delta]mc2 is completely speculative in nature. This derivation (under general conditions) contradicts the law of conservation of matter/ energy. In simple words it implies that when light energy is emitted then its mass must increase. The decrease in mass can be equal to L/c² or less or more than L/c². Thus self contradictions also exist in Einstein’s derivation. The factor c² has been arbitrarily brought in picture by Einstein. Einstein applied binomial theorem in the end of the derivation then equation is [delta]L = [delta]mc2 is obtained. If the same derivation is applied G. O. Mueller: SRT. Kap. 4-Erg. 288 Textversion 1.2 – 2012 in the beginning, then result is m[b] = m[a] i.e. no equation is obtained which involves c² or L. Thus con-version factor is arbitrarily brought in the picture. These are the limitations of the derivation.

Apparently Einstein may had been aware of limitations and complexities of his derivation; hence he only took super special values of parameters. Einstein derived [delta]L = [delta]mc² under special conditions and speculated from it [delta]E = [delta]mc2 without mathematical derivation."

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