Beyond Einstein: Science and Society in the 21st Century

Beyond Einstein: Science and Society in the 21st Century
By Richard Moody Jr. 



Arthur Eddington traveled to Principe in Africa in 1919 with the express purpose of proving Einstein right about general relativity, by attempting to do the impossible. With primitive equipment, operating under unbelievably hostile conditions, Eddington read data during the Eclipse of 1919 to an extreme level of precision. This level of extreme precision has been endorsed by Professor Stephen Hawking and by Scientific American

Eddington’s motives were quite clear; he was an advocate for Einstein, due, in part, to the fact that both men shared the same political beliefs, Pacifism. In his zeal to be both peacemaker and kingmaker, Eddington engaged in corruption and derogation of the scientific data, the scientific method, and much of the scientific community. It surpasses the Piltdown Fraud, a blatant attempt to fool anthropologists into thinking that they had found the „missing link“, as the greatest Deception of 20th Century science.

The hallmark of any professional is consistency, but Einstein recanted on the absence of the ether, general relativity and the Cosmologic Constant. His fundamental failings in physics and math are unknown to the lay public, yet physicists have attempted to portray him as some great genius who towered above mere mortals. They promote as gospel, the agenda driven, unresearched, plagiarized, internet quality 1905 „Miracle Year“ papers.

The consistent policy of scientists, politicians, the media and the agenda driven public to promote Einstein to icon status has had disastrous repercussions for the National Security of this nation. By persistently trying to give the impression that Einstein was a great scientist, physicists have tried to give the illusion that only physicists are doing „real“ science. This has had the unfortunate effect of elevating physics and astrophysics to an exalted level and the predictable suppression of talent in other fields through lack of funding and public support. America has seen the diminution of its stature in the world as the leader in innovation, which is a direct byproduct of the „Einstein“ revolution.

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