Absurdity of relativity and root of its success


By Ji Qi 2010

Beitrag aus dem GOM-Projekt: 2394 weitere kritische Veröffentlichungen
zur Ergänzung der Dokumentation Textversion 1.2 – 2004, Kapitel 4. 

Absurdity of relativity and root of its success: [mit Inhaltsangabe in franz. Sprache] / Ji Qi, YinLing Jiang. In: The General science journal. 2010 – 30 S. =

Abstract: There has existed the focus of debate between the viewpoint of space-time of classical physics and that of relativity for almost a hundred years. Which is more reasonable on earth?

The fundamental principle of the theory of relativity and its basic transformation will be discussed in detail in this study. By discussion, I hope we can see the essence of the theory of relativity clearly and make people profoundly understand the fundamental conception of physics on time and space. I wish we can return a sunny sky to physics.

Keywords: Take Measures without Considering Changes in Circumstances, Miller Experiment, Lorentz Transformation, Time Dilation, Mass-Velocity Equation, Mass-Energy Equation

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