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Einstein Wrong

Ich nehme Bezug auf den Beitrag „Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year“ vom 31. März 2009 in diesem Blog. Hierzu erhielt ich nun von Direktor David de Hilster den folgenden newsletter vom 10.April 2009 unter dem Betreff: „Finishing Funds There, but We Still Need Your Help!“

Nachstehend bringe ich Textauszüge aus diesem newsletter: 


We’re Getting There! 

Thanks to scientists and project supporters from around the world, Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year now has enough pledges from investors to finish the final cut including original music and graphics. Contributions have ranged from $1000 – $25,000. 

Although we have surpassed our finishing funding level, we are only at 57% of full funding and still need 43% to pay for publicity, film festivals, and awards qualifications. 

If you want to learn more investing in this project, you can click on the link below and fill out your contact information and will be happy to send you a DVD describing the project including a 14 minute sample scene. 

Just as a couple of notes: 

– You do not have to live in the United States to invest in the film.
– Einstein Wrong has the interest of distributors who have worked with Oscar-winning films. 

Scientific Change 

Einstein Wrong (EW) is much more than a documentary film trying to show problems with Einstein’s theory. It is about revealing to the public in a big way that physics and cosmology are in a mess and we need to change the way we formulate scientific theory and do business world-wide. The public is unaware of this and believes all is well in science. Yet, billions are spent on dead-end science that produces no benefit for mankind while there a thousands of scientists around the world working on theories and technologies that can greatly benefit world in the areas of new energy, gravity control, atomic structure, cosmology, geology, and propulsion. 

In this new world-wide climate of „change“, you can take a stand for „Scientific Change“. 

There are several ways you can invest in this movement. 

1. Invest in the film and join others already pledging to make this project a reality. We have a sample scene along with some presentations by director David de Hilster and Executive Producer Greg Volk that details the project and its objectives. 

2. Create a link from your website to the film’s website. You can find graphics with the slogan „Support Scientific Change“ to use to put on your website and link to the film to show your support.

3. Refer investors and earn 3% of their investment. (See article below for details.)

4. Get people to signup for the film’s Newsletter and create links to the website. You can point them to the website where they can signup for the newsletter or link to the site. The more people on the email list and who link the site, the more people who will help support scientific change.

Coming later this year, we will be launching new websites to get the public involved in taking science  from the dogmatists and returning it to the people. 

World Science Database with over 1200 Scientists, Passes the 5000 Mark! 

Director David de Hilster, executive producer Greg Volk, and other scientists from around the world have been hard at work creating a scientific database of scientists, books, articles, journals, and conferences of people doing serious scientific work outside the mainstream.  Recently, we reached the milestone of over 1200 scientists, and over 5000 pieces of information catalogued online. 

The database represents the first serious attempt to form an online community for scientists from over 50 countries whose work has often remained isolated from the world because of the nature of their work. There are an estimated 3000-5000 scientists working outside the mainstream who are producing serious scientific work that will be the new science for the 21st century. 

If you think that the scientists working outside the mainstream in the areas of physics and cosmology are few and far between, this database will show the world otherwise. 

Currently, the database is located at: 

In May 2009, the World Scientific Database be getting its own domain name and website with new features such as blogs, a more „homepage“ look and feel for scientists and events, and google maps showing scientists and events close to you and others in the database. 

LLC Registered and Top Doc Lawyer Secured

The LLC for the for the investors for the Film Project has been registered in Nevada and we are finalizing the operating agreement and paperwork.  This process is necessary to give all current and future investors the legal rights afforded their contributions to the project. 

Collections of funds will start in late April, early May. 

In addition to forming the LLC, we have secured the services of Michael Donaldson, the top lawyer in the area of documentary films in Los Angeles and expert in the area of „fair use“.  Little known to the public, Einstein’s image and works are owned by a university in Israel and we must be very certain that our use of Einstein’s name and image are in order.  After all, Steven Spielberg paid $600,000 to the University to use 3 seconds of Einstein’s image in his movie Artificial Intelligence. Michael Donaldson has been working with David de Hilster on and off for the last 3 years advising him on certain aspects of the film. 

David will be meeting with Michael’s team to review the operating agreement for investors. 

Gathering the Production Team 

 Once $80,000 of funds are collected and in the bank (which should happen by early May), the process of editing, music, and graphics can be planned and start.  With finishing funds in the bank, director David de Hilster and producers Andrea Tucker and Nick Tamburri will start this process of story boarding, and planning the schedules for completing the film, a process that will take about 3 months.  Andrea and Nick are not only producers, but they are also very talented editors producing the sample scene which has attracted investors. 

Current estimates put the start of editing in summer of 2009 with final cut happening early fall.  We are still needing investors at this point to fund the marketing of the film at major film festivals so please consider helping out and fill out our form by clicking on the link. 

You’re Invited to our Next Video Conference 

As part of organizing the scientific community working on „cutting edge“ theories, Director David de Hilster has been organizing weekly video conferences on fascinating topics from speakers who are in the database from around the world and you are invited. 

All you need is a computer with internet access and speaker to hear and see these scientists as they make their appearance on the world stage.  Audience members typically include scientists from many countries from around the world including Europe, India and the United States. 

And the cost of these conferences?
Free to the public. 

But make sure you come early.  We have only 40 seats currently in the video conference (we are increasing it up to 100 in the near future) so save the date. 

The next talk is this Sunday April 12, 2009 at 5 pm Pacific Time, 8 pm Eastern Time and will feature ether and expanding earth scientist Dennis McCarthy and his talk „Expanding Earth / We are Currently in the Middle of a Major Scientific Revolution“. 

There is a 60-80 minute talks followed by 60-80 minutes of questions, answers, and discussions.  You can either participate using text chat (your keyboard), a microphone, or a webcam. 

Referral Bonus Program 

It is inevitable that friends and colleagues around us end up asking about our scientific work or about the film project itself and often become quite involved and interested in it.  They sometimes are our best allies in the cause of taking science in new directions. 

If you know of anyone else who may be interested in investing in this project, let us know. 

We have a three percent referral bonus for you for anyone you refer and who invests in the project.  Just contact us at and we will go from there. 

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