Mathematical Methods to Refute Einstein’s Electrodynamics

von Velimir Abramovic

Mathematical Methods to Refute Einstein’s Electrodynamics
Velimir Abramovic
Vortrag vom 09.07.2011 zu der 18. Internationalen Konferenz der Natural Philosophy Alliance, College Park, Maryland, USA

This paper explores contradictions in Einstein’s definition of simultaneity, and their contribution to the famous Twin Paradox. In the Galilean case, t = t‘, the Cosmonaut and Earth twins obviously age the same, but in the other cases we obtain ontological contradictions. The problem lies in Einstein’s synthesis of non-motion and motion of one and the same light ray. Gauss’s Modular or Time Arithmetic helps to identify and sort out the fundamental problems. Despite Einstein, only one time has ever existed: the present. The inequality of entities within the electromagnetic continuum creates the non-synchronicity we call motion.
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  1. Vladimir 18. Oktober 2011 (12:17 Uhr)

  2. Ron Pearson 19. Oktober 2011 (08:14 Uhr)

    I agree special relativity is invalidated by its internal contradictions and general relativity is also based on wrong assumptions. Please see my website for a flaw-free compatible alternative that matches all its achievments, is free from internal contradiction and is fully compatible with quantum theory.
    This was first published in Russia in 1991 at the ‚Problems in Space and Time‘ conference held in St. Petersburgh.

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